Breaking News: (1)Virtual Insanity is ruining #everything. (2)The real world still exists! (3)DON’T just #PrayForShit.

Recently, it’s been getting quite difficult for me to keep up with your bizarre online behavior.

For example, what is the homework help ks4 follow link go to site student writing assignments propranolol viagra thesis proposal youtube possible questions in thesis defense with answers source link go to site follow link no script seroquel top cv proofreading site for masters source source site dissertation structure word count levitra for shipment to singapore sample of personal details essay how to write a letter about yourself for college viagra natural marroqui get someone write my paper paper writers for college for cheap sample transfer essay thinki where to buy cialis online review phd thesis dissertation sample Red-White-Blue overlay on your profile picture on facebook?.. You look ugly enough on that, why would you want it uglier? And what was the rainbow-coloured paint on the same before that? Sometimes I feel a strong urge to look at your wilder beast of a face just to make myself feel not so ugly and good about hating you, and I can’t see your dumb face behind that dark red foolery over the profile picture; at other times, I wonder what a hypocritical suck-up must you be when I see the horizontal-lined rainbow shit all over you – that’s our own very Indian Door-Darshan channel’s logo lying down, yeah, it’s the same.

Do you even have any idea as to what happened in Paris – which country attacked which?

Hence, I’m trying to save you from the abyss of conformism.

Not a long time ago, Indian PM Modi consciously launched a #SelfieWithDaughter campaign on twitter, not necessarily merely a marketing tool to promote himself (he’s already famous enough) but to show how the proverbial unwanted girl-child in a rather Indian setting wasn’t so undesirable after all, and that we loved our daughters; and twitteratis were all over it – dads and moms posting selfies with their daughters. What was strange though was that most uploaded selfies were those of not-so-Indian men and women, viz., most #SelfieWithDaughter photos came from a rather advanced part of the world, the White world, the Western side of the planet.

The campaign was indeed a failure thus, though not for The P.M. though – turns out he came more known in the end as twitter-addicted fools took onto it like rats with cheese. The people from the rural areas where daughters face the heat all the time aren’t on twitter.. how could a merely double-faced fashionable shit expect to eradicate a social vice. or even cause a dent at it? Social vices go deep into the psyche of humans – rapes, trafficking, smuggling, foeticides, etc.. how can you be so foolish to upload a selfie of your dumb dog (who’s apparently a bitch too) with yourself with that #hashtag.

And wait there’s more…I see selfies in pink to support breast cancer and I really wish that someone granted me the serenity to see how it saved a woman from getting cancer, and then people sending prayers and energies to save people from natural disasters! I wonder how that helped either…I mean there are people making generous donations out there, don’t make them look like fools! Your virtual behavior is encouraging them to stop donating and start praying, send ENERGIES and sh*t.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.18.46 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.17.38 AM

I must admit that I underestimated your stupidity earlier, and I now have to agree that Einstein was right when he said, “Human stupidity has no end.” I’m an optimistic soul, and I always thought that quote was rather sadistic, but alas! it couldn’t be truer.

I never expected you to go to a third-world country just to explore their temples and stuff, though you were born in one, which is further testament to your two-faced ness and my right in feeling disgusted at you. How could you be marked safe if you were never unsafe?


“This is bigger than Paris,” wrote one Twitter user. “The world needs more than our French-flagged profile pictures.” 

 And you know what? It’s bigger than that too!
Don’t rate human life based on the of importance of the city/country.. as there were a lot of sad incidents that happened here and there no one even conducted a #PrayForShit virtual campaign for.


I’m sorry I had to come #ONLINE to remind you to do tangible and real stuff #OFFLINE!

Enough of #Preying and #Praying, if your god knows everything, he would have stopped it from happening in the first place.


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