Mr.Robot, Series Finale: Could Elliot be Dexter Morgan’s mystery son?

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Mr.Robot” is indeed a very addictive show and there’s no doubt why it bagged the Golden Globe for the best TV drama at 2016!

I found it fascinating too! In fact, after watching the first 5 episodes, It caused me to experience a serious Deja-Vu!

Why’s that?  There’s too much resemblance between the lead character Elliot and America’s favourite serial killer, Dexter!
This amazing show has begun to gain popularity and meanwhile some of us Dexter fans see a lot of him in Elliot.

Here’s a list of resemblances in the show and characters in “Mr.Robot” that will keep reminding us of Miami Metro homicide’s best blood spatter analyst, Dexter Morgan!

Is Elliot the new Dexter? Is he the Cyber-Dexter? or Dexter-Digital? A brother from another mother?? or his secret love-child?

See detailed analysis below and find out:

 Internal monologue

One of the absolute similarities between the two shows!
Internal monologue makes storytelling more impressive and relatable. Dex used to talk to himself and to his dark passengers, Elliot sees men in black, and hears voices in his head. This style of narration is mostly used to portray lonely characters and is used in both the shows throughout the all the episodes.



Female lead with a foul mouth


                              Debra (Dexter)                                                                                   Darlene (Mr.Robot)


Don’t get me wrong! I totally totally totally LOVE the one on the left, Debra Morgan! It was unbelievable how her foul mouth was the reason why we loved her or maybe it was her screen presence, say what you have to but I can’t imagine “Dexter” without her.

What about the one on the right? You’d wanna stitch her silly mouth up!
The foul mouth in “Mr.Robot” (Darlene) is foul beyond belief and hasn’t been portrayed as an insignificant character, she’s really irritating and totally unnecessary throughout the first season..(Or maybe she is..but as promised, NO spoilers!)

Dexter and Elliot are both loners.

As per their internal monologues, they’re both loners who fake their interactions with humans. They’re both vigilantes and have their own way of dealing with their urges and social anxiety but it’s quite apparent how Elliot and Dex have secrets that makes it difficult for them to blend in and participate in a crowd of normal people.




They seek justice outside the law.

Dexter and Elliot are both criminals but they do what they do to address their dark passenger and serve societal purpose. For Dexter Morgan, killing other serial killers was supposed to be a benefit to society because it would rid Miami and its surrounding area of its serial killers.

mr robot rami malek mr robot edit rami malek edit social commentary

In “Mr.Robot,” Elliot is recruited by a mysterious cyber-vigilante group to aid them in their plan to engineer “the single biggest incident of wealth redistribution in history” a recalibration of the world’s computer networks that would erase the records of 70 percent of the world’s consumer and personal debt from a credit conglomerate’s servers.

They both follow a code

Dexter Morgan follows a code of ethics taught to him in childhood by his adoptive father, Harry (which he refers to as “The Code” or “The Code of Harry”) which hinges on two principles: Dexter can only kill people after finding conclusive evidence that they are guilty of murder, and he must dispose of all evidence so he doesn’t get caught. Elliot has his own moral code. There’s a sense of righteousness to his hacking that leads it, if not forgiveness, then a modicum of understanding.



Other notable similarities:

They both use their work-places to discover and track their victims ( Miami Metro Homicide – Dexter and E-Corp – Elliot) to find their victims.

They both had a rough start in life..  Dexter, 3, witnessed his mother getting murdered and dismembered with a chainsaw in a cargo container and Elliot got physically tortured by his mother.

They both have kill uniforms! When Dexter headed out for a killing he mostly wore an ash-brown thermal t-shirt whereas Elliot wears a black hoodie throughout the first season.

They Both don’t do what they do for money!



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