As we all know, skincare during summers is way more tricky and hard than any other season. 
After trying the #GreenTea skin care line by @innisfreeofficial for two weeks, I my struggle to maintain moisture balance in the skin during summers has definitely become easy. 

1️⃣ A chemical free moisture serum formulated with fresh Jeju green tea leaves helps achieve a dewy and clear skin. 
The gel type moisture cream provides essential amount of antioxidants to oily/sensitive and combination skin and also qualifies as a fine make-up base. 

2️⃣ The #Orchid enriched works amazingly overnight when used post cleansing. The application felt weightless on the skin and instantly became the star of my night time skin regimen. 

3️⃣ Developed especially for Asian skin types, The super volcanic pore clay mask minimises the pores to a remarkable extend and gives a soothing effect if its followed by the green tea seed serum (recommended twice a week).

4️⃣ Theres more to skincare than just cleansing >> toning >> moisturising etc. 
So there’s this #lime squeeze 20 ml mask which helps eliminate excess oil and dirt caused by pollution and heat. 
Keep #hydrating. ☺️✨ #Innisfree@innisfreeindia #JourneyofSeedSerum#InnisfreeIndia #innistagram.

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