5 Tests to Take When You’re Doubting His Love for You

We grow more and more cynical with time. As years pass by and ‘love’ has failed you so many times, you can’t help but wonder if he really loves you.

Sometimes a fight, an argument or even a small comment can make you question the outlook of your relationship. Maybe he meant it, maybe he didn’t, but here’s what you need to do to find out if he actually loves you.

So that you can stop with this useless anxiety eating up your brain.

No words, just actions.

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Randomly slip in important details about your liking and disliking towards things (like your favourite food, movies or even your fave ice-cream etc.) and on your next outing just ask him you should go with. It’ll mean so much to you if you find out that he’s a good listener and knows what you prefer, after you’ve been going on and on about random things. That’s when you know he’s a keeper. And in case he does not remember it, ummm…I wouldn’t be pleased with a guy like that.

2. Test his decision-making skills by taking advice from him

A guy who loves you will have your best interests in mind at all times. Discuss what happened at work, an argument you had with your BFF and things like that. If he knows how you function, he’ll make you steer clear off your self-sabotaging tendencies. See if he’s capable of calming you down.

A man who adds fire to your anger is no good, we can all agree on that!

3. Be supportive and reach out for help when you can really use it, see how he reciprocates

You’re a badass girl who needs no help from a man. But, besides being supportive and being there for him when he needed you, you need to check if he would do the same for you. I’m not asking you to depend on him for help but it’s nice to give yourself the assurance that if you fall, there’s someone to catch you. If you’re calling him and reaching out for help, do access the level of passion in his conduct.

A man who’s willing to help you get through shit with full dedication and passion is deffo someone worth holding on to.

4. Let your friends be the judge.

Alright, this is a tricky one as this advise should only be followed by people who have REAL friends. Friends you can bet your life on.

A friend who’s not jealous or insecure of you being with a good guy. Friend(s) who can make you see things clearly when you’re in an illusion. Maybe you’re with a great guy, maybe you’re not, find out what your friends think about him. Don’t entirely depend on their advise (‘cos there are always exceptions) but, if your friends see what you see in your guy, it probably means everything’s great.

5. Give him chances.

Not to the point where you regret it, but some men are slow learners and some would even surprise you with how much nicer they can be if you stay patient and let ‘em get there at their own pace. So don’t have them figured out so soon. Give it some time (just to be fair) and see if it’s capable of becoming something more amazing that you originally planned.

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