Prepare to Add this Multitasking Gadget to Your Handbag Essentials

How often do we come across products that save you time, space and fuss?

If anything, we just keep adding new accessories that’ll one day make our handbags explode. After hand creams, wallet, sunglasses, earphone, mini touch-up kits, etc., we know we don’t travel light even on a daily basis, let alone long and distant travels.

So, the need for one product to do multiple things is much wanted for us. Enter Bose Frame, the ultimate way to listen to music, take calls on the go, and look edgy at the same time. That’s right! Bose has introduced a pair of glasses that have in-built speakers close to your ears. And what’s better? – The sound doesn’t leak to the person sitting next to you.

Detangling earphones is one of the most infuriating things one has to do to get to listening to their favourite playlist, needless to say this gadget gets those struggles out of the way.

Being a fan of smart gadgets, I suggest one could maximize the features by reading audio books during their travel as well. This makes reading at the beach so much more fun.

Refer to my Instagram post to checkout me using Bose Frames in ‘Rondo’.

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