ISAAC Luxe Laser Hair Reduction Techniques, What to Expect and Your Common Questions Answered

An upscale clinic in an upscale location. From a fab decor to efficient staff, Isaac Luxe has all the amenities you expect of an anti-ageing and laser removal clinic. But it’s more than just that, that makes this salon one of the most sought after clinics in India. 

With a couple of locations in Delhi and Mumbai, Isaac Luxe’s Dr. Geetika has brought a revolution in grooming and personal care in India.

Dr Geetika, also known as the latest technology essay questions source url cialis rosendale typing service business plan go here a href order viagra online a see uncc graduate school thesis see source link source link enter go to site follow url follow canadianpharmacies get link cheap movie review ghostwriters for hire for school creative writing university courses ukВ go here levitra malone levitra parkton interview essay mapping your thesis pfizer viagra scandal go to link effects of viagra and cialis how to write a cover letter for a customer service job with no experience Vogue Beauty Skin Expert of the Year, is the founder of the clinic and has won several awards and credited by national newspapers and magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle to name a few.

In fact the details of her swanky venue is also mentioned in my book ‘Roots to Radiance’ along with names like Bobbi Brown, Dr Barbara Sturm (the ‘It Dermat’ of Hollywood, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and more! Head to the ‘infused waters’ chapter of my book to find her.

While there are not many clinics that have the cutting-edge technology that this clinic does, the brand has also made sure to stock all latest devices to bring their clients an efficient experience.

I happened to go to their Vasant Vihar branch to get my laser hair reduction and here are some common questions about laser answered according to my take on IL.

COMMON FAQs and how Isaac Luxe does it

Is It Permanent?

This procedure is more towards hair reduction than hair removal. Over time, you will need lesser sessions and your growth will get finer. But no, this isn’t permanent as our body will continue to grow new hair. But, it’s just that you’ll find yourself in a more manageable space. If the density of the hair is too dense, this treatment is for you.

Does It Hurt?

This is something that gets asked around a lot. Although pain is subjective, me being a sensitive person, with a sensitive skin did not feel like it hurt. There’s a slight tingling sensation. What you feel is mostly psychological, it gets better with time and once your lose the psychological expectation of it being painful, you’ll realise that there was no pain to begin with. In fact, their latest technology — the Soprano Titanium, does the job SO fast that you’re done before you even realise it’s started. 

How Long Does It Take?

Machines like the Soprano Titanium, usually used for arms and legs really speed up the process by its lightening fast skills. But it’s the delicate areas like face, underarms, bikini, that takes 8-10 mins. Where the Soprano can scan a full leg in under 60 seconds. So you end up saving a lot of time on those things. 

Is It Safe? 

After being semi-regular for this 8-9 month course of my first round, I can say that it’s safe. I think I might need a second course because the consistency of my hair growth is more than others. 

But yeah, if me aiming for course II explains that it’s safe and it’s better than waxing etc. 

What Are The Basic Instructions Pre/Post Treatment?

how the targeted areas are marked to be treated!

This is also something I’ve been asked a lot. And I’m sure this is something anyone who wants to avail the service wonders about. So here it goes:

Pre: there’s not ‘pre’ laser instructions as such but make sure your face is free of inflammation and severe acne (routine acne is okay, they’ll just steer clear of those areas) 

About bikini lasers: before the session make sure you are not or have been on your period in the last 4-5 days. Do not set the appointment close to your period altogether. 

Post: this is something you need to be more cautious about. Your skin can turn slightly red (which goes away in a few hours because the technicians apply ointments for it…and in case of Isaac Luxe, they even do follow up calls to check on you later…where you can discuss your inconvenience (if any)  In my case I was fed anti allergic medication and had ointment applied to my face to get through the full treatment with maximum ease. 

But here’s the actual set of instructions that you must follow: always use sunscreen after the treatment and try not to apply make-up or face wash on your face for the next 48 hours. For other parts of the body there’s a cream that you have to apply twice a day. Nothing too crazy!

Anything apart from that, the doctor and team will let you know but these are the basic instructions everyone gets at Isaac. 

What All Areas Can the Laser Cover? 

What can it not cover, you should ask! Upper lips, your full face actually…bikini, underarms, basically most areas of your body can be covered in this. 

Here’s a shot from my underarm sesh:

Can We Wax Between the Treatments? 

No, the whole point of the laser is to take waxing out of the equation. So waxing between sessions isn’t allowed. Your growth will go back to how it was if you get a wax. that would be like going back to step 1.

So, that’ll be an absolute no. 

How Many Sittings Do I Need? 

Usually 6-8 sessions is what Dr.Geetika of Isaac Luxe had advised me but given my growth, I might need more, it’s really subjective. A personal consultation is a must in this department.  

How Much Does It Cost? 

I’ll just rope in all contacts and links of Isaac Luxe to direct you to them for the same. 

Phone: 9717795505, 9971993433

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