One of the frequently asked questions to any busy person revolves around how they do their scheduling. With me it’s no different. Playing many roles on social media and in real life, I am as organised about my plans as it gets. 

That is just how I’ve always been. I’m that typical sticking to timelines, making charts, drawing diagrams to explain myself, adding points to my to-do lists, just to strike it off person and frankly you’re weird to me if you can’t relate to that. 

Being an author, entrepreneur, and content creator, I play many roles when it comes to my area of expertise––beauty and wellness!

Whether it’s product formulation, or social media planning, or structuring a book plan, I need my performance enhancers in place…which is a marker pen and a white board.

Of course I do the usual jotting down on a diary or add notes to my phone, time to time, but the real brainstorming comes out only when I write down my plans on a big white board. 

Why can’t I be so efficient with a diary or the notes app of my phone? I find myself asking this question frequently. Why does my efficiency appreciate the bigness of a white board and the markings of a blue pen so much?

First of all, I am a very “digital” person, but second of all, you can’t do every single thing digitally. For instance when you have a fabulous idea for content or a book…you can’t draw on your notes as easily as you can do with a marker pen.

I usually want to fill up the whole board and that’s what pushed me to come up and write more ideas.

My social media calendar keeps changing every week and according to the environment we are in. Usually this is how it goes:

To have a white board that’s inked with my weekly plans in my room pushes me to be more punctual about my timelines. When I’m lazy, it’s usually like my plans from my board are staring at me until I check them off my list. 

Sometimes you just have to find that one thing that pushes you to work as it is easy to lose focus when you live alone and are more prone to feeling demotivated…especially in a time like this when the world is hurting.

This might be relatable for a lot of people to have low efficiency levels in times of Covid. I am the same on some days. Sometimes I would just write motivational quotes on them to refer to when I feel low. 

Plans, quotes, schedules, notes, all of it makes my life easy.

In fact, below is a candid look into my life for when I’m not working and ready to stuff my face with cookies:

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