Facts say that you already lose 50% of your hair by the time you realise you’re balding. The same is the case even where you’re balding prematurely.

For some, it’s also about denial. Pre mature balding is something that hits you from nowhere and denial clouds your general sensibility of acknowledging that all this is really happening at a young age.

For me, my scalp was tricking me since a long time. I had to come up with a scalp-care line to solve my concerns but, let’s back up a bit:

For the longest time, I believed I had an oily scalp. So my natural instinct was to go for oil banishing shampoos. But my overlying concern was undermining my underlying issue – aka the real concern. I bought ultra lathering shampoos for a long while only to find out my scalp was heavily disturbed by those harsh ingredients…and that I actually have a dry scalp. 

When our scalp gets too dry, the sebaceous glands secrete the oily, waxy substance called sebum that shows up on the surface to make up for lost moisture and tricks us into thinking that our scalp is very oily. You keep double shampooing, alternate days or regularly to remove oiliness, but in reality, you’re only making your scalp more thirsty.

By the time you realise how one gets played in this vicious cycle, you’ve already lost a lot of hair, your scalp seems too oily but is dry, and majorly disturbed. And you’d think there’s nothing you can do about it! In your twenties, following diets and having hormonal imbalances could trigger hair loss as well. When I went through all that, I made it my mission to educate people about this, so no more people get fooled by their own self. To educate people on the importance of how the most expensive products can also be not good for you and why not all goodness-packed products have to be all that expensive.

Here are the many causes for hair loss:

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